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Directory Compare Utility

The Directory Compare Utility is a small program for quickly synchronising two directories. This program is ideal to synchronize your directory with documents (Under windows: My Documents) with the BarNet Backup Servers.

This program can be downloaded from the Files Repository on as the BarNet Backup Server - Directory Compare Utility. If you double-click on the executable, it will install and run itself.

The Directory Compare Utility is made by Juan M. Aguirregabiria. If you use this program and find it useful, please send him a "thank you for providing this program for free" email. You'll make his day.

The screen is divided in two parts. The upper part is the control section, where you select the source and destination directories and start the update of the changed documents. The lower part is the overview of the changed directories.

First thing to do is to select the Source and Target folders. In this example the source target is the My Documents folder (Desktop -> My Documents), the target is the dircomp directory on the server (My Network Places -> user on -> dircomp).

If you click on the Scan button, the source and target folder will be compared with each other. New and updated files and directories on your computer are shown in red, new and updated files and directories on the backup server are shown in green. Also in the column ? shows which version is more recent by showing < or > signs.

If you click on the Update selected button at the toolbar, the program will start copying the files from your harddisk to the backup server. A progress indicator will show how much is already copied. Duration of the backup depends on your location in the BarNet network.

When the backup is done, the lower part of the screen is empty. To see which files are there, even if they're similar, press the Equal files checkbox and click on the Scan button again.

After a couple of days, when you run this program again, you might have added or updated a couple of documents. The overview might look like the above screen. Red are documents which need to be updated, green are files which have been deleted (on purpose or not). If you press the Update selected button, it will synchronise the red ones. If you click on the button next to it, it will synchronise both the source and target folders with each other.

To save your settings for a next update, use the Save as option under the File menu. If you save it on your desktop as Backup My Documents, you will get an icon which you can use next time to backup your documents. Also, if you have multiple locations to backup (for example also your mail folder), you can make a different icon for each source.

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