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Using Backup on the BarNet Backup Server - Windows XP version


This document describes how to use the backup tool provided with Windows XP on the BarNet Backup Server. For other versions of Windows it works the same, but the dialogs can be different.

How to use the backup tool

The Backup tool can be found in the Start Menu. (I hope your Start Menu isn't as cluttered as on this computer.) The Backup tool can be found under All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup.

This guide is only for the wizard mode. The Advanced mode gives you more options like scheduling.

We want to backup files and settings.

With Microsoft Windows, the normal convention is that saved documents are in the My Documents folder or in its subfolders (My Pictures, My Sounds etc). If you have a program which saves it outside these folders, choose Let me choose what to backup and select there all the directories you want to backup.

Choose a different place to save the backup. Click on the Browse button and select My Network Places.

Under My Network Places, choose a directory on the Backup Server (for example My Backups, created in a different guide). If you add the date to the filename you can keep track of how often you backup. Then click the Save button.

Click the Next button.

The wizard is done, click on the Finish button to start the backup!

Gathering information...

Halfway the backup...

And finished! If you go to the My Backups network place, you will see that there is a new file created today with your files in it.

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