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Mounting disks on the BarNet Backup Server - Windows XP version


This document describes how to mount disks on the BarNet Backup server under Windows XP. For other versions of Windows it works the same, but the dialogs can be different.

Technical background

The authentication mechanisms on the BarNet Backup Server all use your BarNet username and the corresponding password. (This is not the same as your LAN password)

Under Windows, disks can be mounted via the following protocols:

  • SMB: Use the share \\backup\username
  • HTTP: Use the share
  • FTP: Use the share
Please note that the above mentioned shares are treated as disks. While it might work in the Windows Explorer, other programs might not work properly unless you have shares which are deeper, for example \\backup\username\foo.

How to mount the disks

From the Start Menu, select My Network Places. If that option is not available in the Start Menu, select My Computer first and then select My Network Places. In the window which pops up select the Add a network place option.

In the wizard popping up, choose the Other network location.

Inside the BarNet network, the network location is \\backup\username. If you want to use it from outside the BarNet network, use \\\username. If you press the Next button, it might ask you for an username and password. Fill in your BarNet username and password there.

This is the text under the icon.

And click on finish to complete it. A new window will pop up, but right now it is empty.

The disk is now still empty. But if you make a directory in it (click with the right hand mouse button, select new and select folder. The new folder is called New Folder, but it can of course be renamed to something else like My Backups. Do this now so we can continue with the guide.

We are going to make another Network Place. Close all the windows first and select My Network Places from the Start Menu again. The next Network Place to add is the newly created directory.

Don't forget to give it a proper name...

And to finish it... Close all the windows, and open My Network Places again.

Please compare the two icons. The first one is a folder connected to a network, the second one is a folder. Experiences have shown that some programs complain or don't fail to work properly if you don't use Network Places which are at least one folder deep.

If you're old-school and want to call your network disks with a drive letter, that's also possible! Go to the My Network Places option in the Start Menu and select Tools -> Map Network Drive from the menu.

Select one of the drive letters free and choose an online folder.

Now the X: drive is the same as \\\edwin\My Backups.

And even in the Command Prompt you can access the files via the X: drive.

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