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BarNet Dialin Service

This document describes the configuration of Windows to use the BarNet dialin service.

Software needed

There is no additional software needed.

For non Windows users

The phone number of the BarNet Dialin Service is 0198 333 111. The username and password are your BarNet username and password, the same one you use for getting your email.

Installation instructions

Step by step. If you are asked for a password, keep in mind that this is the same password you use for the POP3/IMAP server.

Select Make New Connection.

Choose Dial-up to a private network and click next.

The phone number is 0198 333 111.

Choose your liking, it only affects who can use this.

Change the name to "BarNet Dialin" and you're done.

Double click on the icon on the desktop and fill in your username and password. Before clicking on dial, please check the Properties.

Is this the modem you want to use? Click Ok if it is okay.

Press Dial and you're on your way.

Successfully connected to the BarNet Dialin Service! (Of course the 9.6Kbps is just a number on my machine, yours will be higher)

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