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Instant Messaging within BarNet with Jabber


BarNet has its own Instant Messaging server, based on Jabber. With it you can send messages to your collegues in your chamber, to the reception and to other people who are using a Jabber based IM client.

The difference between Jabber and other IM protocols is that it is a distributed and open IM system: Instead of being locked in at one provider (AOL, ICQ, MSN) and not being able to reach the other networks, Jabber servers are located inside user networks and are operated by the organisations themselves.

Technical Details

The server is:
Your jabber account is:
And your password is your BarNet password.

Installation walkthrough for Exodus

This document describes the installation of the Jabber client Exodus. It can be downloaded from the official website or from the the BarNet Documentation Website as the BarNet Jabber Server - Exodus.

Please select SSL Support and Plugins, so that you don't have to worry later about adding extra features.

After click through several dialogboxes it is installed!

Fill in your BarNet username, use the server and your password. Further, mark the boxes Save password and This is a new account.

Next step: logging in.
If this fails please contact BarNet Support at

You're online! But there is nobody there yet.

If you click on the green ball with the + in it, you can add somebody. As contact ID, use their BarNet username: You can give them a nickname and put them in a group.

Of course it doesn't have to be somebody inside BarNet, if you have friends with a Jabber client on different servers you can add them as easily.

Or if somebody else wants to add you his addressbook, you will get a popup like this.

One person available! If you double on the name you will open a chat window with him.

Happy chatting! (don't forget to add your clerk and secretary to your addressbook!)

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