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BarNet Directory Service

This document describes the installation and configration for Outlook Express with the BarNet LDAP Directory Service.

Software needed

More and more mailclients are capable of using LDAP Directory Services as their source for name to email address lookups. No more hassles with old email address when people are moving, all you need to know is their last name and the Directory Service will give you a list of email addresses matching that name.

If you use a different client than Outlook Express, you still configure your client to use the BarNet Directory Service. Please use as the server and use the default port (389). No authentication is needed. As Base DN or Search base, try an empty one first and if that doesn't work, use c=AU.

Installation instructions

Start Outlook Express and select from the menu Tools -> Addressbook.

Select Tools -> Accounts. Then in the new window, click on Add.

Fill in the name of the Internet directory (LDAP) server as No logging on is needed, so click on the Next button.

Select Yes, so names typed at the To: and Cc: field of a new email will be checked against the BarNet LDAP server. Click next when one.

Finished. But not really, a couple of other fields need to be configured a little bit better than the default values. Click finish here.

Select the account and select Properties.

You can change the name of the account to BarNet Directory Service, but it's not necessary. What is necessary is to make sure the box regarding checking of names is ticked.

To test if it works, create a new message. Fill in the (partial) name of yourself and click on the Check button.

If more than one result is found for a partial name, you will get a dialog box with the names which matched it the partial name.

All underlined names are named which could be found in the Directory Service or in your local addressbook. It is not needed to press the Check button every time, all recipients are also checked when you send the message.

The BarNet Directory Service is updated every fifteen minutes. If you have questions or problems regarding the Directory Service, please contact

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