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Using the Oxford English Dictionary outside the BarNet network


BarNet offers its members access to the Oxford English Dictionary from within the BarNet network. Using the OED outside the BarNet network is not direct possible. When following the steps in this document, a workaround for this problem can be installed.

This document is for people who ...

  • Use a laptop inside and outside the BarNet network and want to use the OED on both places.
  • Use a computer outside the BarNet network, at home or via the BarNet DialUp service.
  • Are connected to BarNet, but are not using a BarNet supplied proxy server (that's the H.B.Higgins Chamber at this moment)
People inside the BarNet network don't have to do anything.

With this solution it is not necessary anymore to setup a VPN connection the BarNet network to use the OED.

Quick technical description

Configure your browser to use the proxy.pac file at for automatic proxy configuration. Then login to the BarNet proxy server with your BarNet username and password.

Encountered problems

We have encountered difficulties with this solution on the following platforms:

  • MacOS/X with Safari 1.2, it didn't respect the authentication request from the proxy server, showing an "access is denied until you have authenticated" dialog.
  • MacOS/X with IE doesn't support automatic proxy configuration.
The proposed solutions for the above problems is to use the Mozilla browser or the Firefox browser, both available via

How to configure Mozilla and Netscape Navigotor

  • From the main menu, go to Edit and select Preferences.
  • Choose the Advanced tree and select Proxies.
  • In the dialog, choose Automatic proxy configuration URL and fill in
  • Close all the dialog boxes and reload the page.

How to configure Internet Explorer under Windows

When browsing to, you suddenly see this screen instead of the familiar screen...

In the Tools menu, go to Internet Options.

Go to the Connections tab. If you are connected to an ethernet, select LAN settings at the bottom. if you are dialin in, select the dial-up method at the top and select the Settings button.

Tick the box with Use automatic configuration script, and enter there:
The close all the dialog boxes (via the OK buttons) and reload the page.

Then you are asked for a password for the BarNet proxy server. Fill in your BarNet username and password.
The authentication is valid for two hours. After that you're asked again for your username and password.

And you have access to the OED again!

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