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PPTP access to BarNet

PPTP access to BarNet

This document describes the installation and configuration for Microsoft Windows clients who want to access the BarNet network in a secure way.

  • The traffic between your computer and the BarNet network is encrypted, nobody can read it.
  • You are able to connect to your computer on the BarNet network for sharing files.
  • You can use the BarNet mailservers to send your email as if you were directly connected to the BarNet network.

Note: If possible, use the BarNet SSL VPN Service instead of the PPTP service.

In case of problems during the installation or later on, please contact BarNet Support.

Please note that the PPTP service only works on the BarNet Wireless network and outside the BarNet network. If your computer is on the BarNet network there is no need for a PPTP connection.

Software needed

The latest versions of Microsoft Windows support the PPTP protocol right from the box. Tested are Microsoft Windows2000, Microsoft Windows98 and Microsoft Windows XP.

Other operating systems (Unix, MacOS/X) support PPTP too. For more information please contact the BarNet Support Team.

Installation instructions

Step by step. If you are asked for a password, keep in mind that this is the same password you use for the BarNet dial-in service and the POP3/IMAP server. If you haven't modified your password after March 12th 2003 please go to the BarNet management console, log in, choose Personal Details, Password and modify it. You can enter the same password as you have now. After that you are ready for setting up PPTP access.

Double-click on the Make New Connection to start the installation.

Click Next here.

Select Connect to a private network through the Internet. You still need to dial-in via the BarNet dialin-service or your own ISP.

The host you connect to is called

Choose only for yourself, other people who have access to your computer have to find out themselves how to connect to the BarNet network.

Nearly ready, enter the name of the icon for this connection and create a shortcut on the desktop too.

Normally when you double click on the desktop icon to enable secure access to the BarNet network you get this menu. Just fill in your name. But the first time you have to have to tweak the settings a little bit. Press Properties and go to the Networking tab.

At the type of VPN server, select Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, don't use any other ones. Click OK, fill in your password and you're the road to a secure connection to the BarNet network!




When all is up and running a new icon will appear in the taskbar. If you double-click on it it will open up and display statistics about the connection.

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