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MacOS/X OS/X PageSender

Mac OS/X PageSender

This document describes the installation and configure the Mac OS/X PageSender to work with the BarNet DeskFax server.

Software needed

The latest version of the software can be downloaded from the official download-site This documentation assumes you have downloaded version 3.2.

Installation instructions

The installation document is not as verbose as the ones from the Windows Clients.

  • Install the program (downloaded from the above mentioned official download-site)
  • Define (add) a new printer, based on PageFax.
  • When you now print a document, choose "Page Sender" as the printer.
  • Select "Send via email".
  • In the To/Cc/Bcc list, add the faxnumber and add "" to it. So for the fax on number 12345678, in the to field you have to enter ""
  • Disable the "Edit outgoing message", fill in a random subject (which is ignored anyway by the DeskFax server.
  • Now your mail reader might start flashing, saying that a script is trying to send email and if you approve of it.
  • In a few seconds the fax is delivered to the DeskFax server and the fax is being delivered.
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