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Remote Desktop Access with RealVNC


Sometimes you need access to files on your machine in chambers, but you're at home. With remote desktop access you could access these files.
Sometimes you realize you have left open your mail program on your machine in chambers. With remote desktop access you could close it.

RealVNC is such a remote desktop acess program. You install it, lock it with a password and everybody who knows the password can access your desktop PC from their PC at home or in chambers.

Installation of RealVNC

The Windows version of RealVNC can be downloaded from their website or from the BarNet Files Repository. A pointer to where a MacOS/X version can be downloaded is on the RealVNC website.
To install it you need to be a local administrator. Most of the time this can be done by logging in into your computer as Administrator, with an empty password. Ask your local tech support for help if you can't get this to work.

Install both the VNC Server and the VNC Viewer.

Create the icons, but don't start VNC Server in Service-Mode unless you understand the consequences: When starting in Service-Mode, your computer will be accessible for everybody who knows your RealVNC password. This is the same as physical access to your keyboard and mouse.
If you understand this, feel free to start it in Service-Mode.

Make sure you set a password here.

Can't urge it enough!

After this, you will have a new icon on your desktop and one in the services toolbar (at the bottom right). If you hover over it you will see your IP address. Remember this one, it's important later on: Other people wanting to connect to your machine need this number.

Next step is to connect to a computer running RealVNC: Click on the RealVNC Viewer icon on your desktop and enter the IP address of the computer you want to access.

Note that if you're outside the BarNet network, you first need to setup a PPTP connection! See the document about PPTP access to BarNet on how to set this up.

The remote side will ask you for the password to access their computer.

And you have control over their desktop! At this moment nobody is logged in, so you have to send an Control-Alt-Delete to that computer before you can login. Please note that the scrollbars at the VNC Viewer are there if your screen is smaller than their screen.

After sending the Control-Alt-Delete you get the Windows Login Screen. Happy Remote Computing!

When you're ready, either lock the remote computer again (safety first!) or just close the viewer program. If you halfway the session get disconnected for whatever reason, just restart the VNC Viewer program and you're back where you were.

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