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BarNet SMTP Authentication Service

This document describes the installation and configration for Outlook Express to use the BarNet SMTP servers while not being on the BarNet network.


These days, the current practise for ISPs is to stop you from sending email to anyone else without logging in to their network. You might have experienced this once or twice when your email bounced with the message Relaying Denied. This practise is without problems for computers which are constantly connected to one network (most of the desktop systems), but irritating for laptop computers which are connected to different networks, for example BarNet at work and a different ISP at home.

The solution is SMTP Authentication: You can use the BarNet mail servers if you are not connected to the BarNet network, but you have to authenticate yourself first with your BarNet username and password.

Before you worry about things, yes you can use this method to send emails from inside the BarNet network too. So you don't have to change the configuration for inside and outside the network anymore.

Quick technical description

Instead of using the mailserver on port 25 (the standard SMTP port), use the mailserver on port 2525.

Software needed

Besides a modern email application, There is no additional software needed for using this service.

Installation instructions

Start Outlook and from the menu, select Tools -> Accounts.

From the Mail tab, select the server you are using and click on the Properties button.

Select the Servers tab. At the bottom of that form, mark the option My server requires authentication and click on the Settings button.

Select that you use the same settings as your incoming mail server. Click the OK button afterwards.

Go to the Advanced tab, and let the outgoing mail server use port 2525. That's it.

That's it. Now next time when you send an email from outside the BarNet network, you can relay it via the BarNet mailservers.

Regarding virus scanning: The email will still be scanned for virusses after it has been received.

As usual, if you have questions regarding this service, please contact

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