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No connection to the network is possible.

If you're running windows, please check the following:
Make sure your network settings are configured properly. To do on Windows95/98, click on the start button, click on run and enter the command winipcfg. A dialogbox will show up, in it is a selectbox with one or more network adapters. Select your LAN adapter (the one with the 10 or 100Mbps speed). Click on more information and you will see the settings for your IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS and WINS servers. The IP address should be something with 10.x.x.x. If it is or something like 169.254.x.x, try the renew lease button. If a value other than 10.x.x.x shows up, please contact

If you're using MacOS, please contact

Local networking is possible, but I can't go to the internet.

For webbrowsing, make sure that you are using a webproxy. For Netscape Navigator and Mozilla, go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Proxies. For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN settings and Proxy Server. The proxy you have to use is proxy.yourdomain on port 8080. For example if your email address is

Make sure you don't configure your browser to use a Socks proxy. BarNet doesn't have a socks proxy, you can't connect to it.

Local networking is possible, but I can't send mail.

If it is the BarNet mailserver you are trying to connect to, please contact

If it is a different mailserver you are trying to connect to (i.e. not the BarNet mailserver), you're out of luck. We don't allow direct access to external mailservers, all mail send from the BarNet network has to go through our mailservers. Why? Because our mailservers have a mail-virusscanner which check all incoming and outgoing email for viruses. Safety first. See the BarNet website for an overview of the viruses caught in the last week.

Local networking is possible, webbrowsing is possible but application X can't connect to a remote host.

In theory BarNet doesn't block traffic, except in some exceptional cases:

  • Internet worms: Several ports have been blocked in the past because of rapidly spreading internet works, for example the Slammer worm.
  • Strange behaviour: If your computer is acting strange regarding its network traffic, it might be infected with a virus.
  • Excessive usage: If your computer transports excessive amounts of traffic, it can be blocked.
Please contact if you suspect you are blocked, or if you have troubles connecting to the internet with an application.

I get the message "relaying denied" when I try to send email.

If this happens when you're on the BarNet network, please contact for further investigation.

If this happens when you're not on the BarNet network, you should enable SMTP authentication in your mailreader. See the Email section of the FAQ on how to enable this.

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