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Which servers should I use?

The servers you should use are the ones which are in your own domain. So if you're in the domain, you should use, and If you are in, you should use, and For the rest of the domains the idea is the same.

Can I use POP3, IMAP or SMTP over SSL?

Yes, the BarNet servers support POP3, IMAP and SMTP over SSL. The advantage of it is that the sessions are encrypted so nobody can read your username, password or your email.

See the document about how to configure Outlook for the Secure POP3 and IMAP Service on how to use SSL.

If you are using Eudora, see this document on how to add the proper certificate to Eudora.

Is there a shared addressbook?

Yes, see the section in the FAQ regarding Directory Services for more information about this.

How can I use the mailservers when I'm not on the BarNet network?

If you want to use the BarNet SMTP server but you're not on the BarNet network, you have to enable SMTP authentication. The userid and password are your BarNet userid and password.

See the document about how to configure Outlook for the SMTP Authentication Service.

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