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Can I use PPTP to connect to the BarNet network?

Yes, see this document on how to configure Windows2000 and Windows98 to use PPTP to connected to the BarNet network.

Why should I use PPTP to connect to the BarNet network?

When you're dialed in via your ISP to the BarNet network, all your traffic towards BarNet goes unencrypted via the internet. That means that the traffic containing your username, password and other data could be read by other people. If you use PPTP to encrypt your data this is not possible anymore.

Furthermore, you will be able to use the BarNet mailserver to send your emails and you will be able to connect to your desktop computer within the BarNet network.

I can't use PPTP inside the BarNet network!

True. Please use it only outside the BarNet network. If you use it inside, it is harder for us to figure out what is going on in case of problems and it will cause problems with regarding to the scanning for email viruses.

I don't use PPTP, can I still have a secure link?

You can have a partly secure link if you are using POP3 and/or IMAP via SSL and to use SMTP with TLS support. See your mail client on how to configure it. Please contact for more information if you can't figure out how it works.

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