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I get warnings about invalid certificates when going to the BarNet Webmail website.

This is because you don't have installed the BarNet Root Authority Certicate. You can do that via this link.

Open the file and import it into your browser. After then, when accessing sites like the BarNet Webmail site, you will not have these interruptions anymore. Please check that you have the closed lock at the bottom of your browser, indicating that you're using a secure link.

I'm using Internet Explorer for the Apple Macintosh and I can't go to sites like the Backup service and Webmail.

We have secured our webservers which contain sensitive information to use encrypted sessions. One of the problems which came up was that Internet Explorer on the Mac didn't like it at all.

The SSL implementation on the Mac version of IE is quite buggy. There are work arounds around it, but that causes problems in other areas of the webserver. Also, IE on the Mac is discontinued with regarding to further development.

We suggest to use an other browser. There are two good replacements. One is Safari from Apple itself, it can be found at The other one is FireFox from the Mozilla project, which can be found at

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