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The Oxford English Dictionary -
BarNet Homepage Because we can, it's possible, and it works.
BarNet Directory Service Find people within BarNet, the NSW Bar Association, the Victory Bar Association and the WA Bar Association.
BarNet Service Center For users, see you settings and change your password. For clerks, maintain the users on your floor.
BarNet Backup Service Keep your work save!
BarNet Virtual Library Maintain you collection of books.
BarNet Calendar Maintain your own calendar via your webbrowser, and share it with others.
BarNet Webmail Read your email via your webbrowser.
BarNet File Share Service Securely share files with collegues and third parties.
BarNet CDROM Service See which versions of the LexisNexis CDs are currently available on the network.
BarNet DeskFax Service Send a fax from your desktop, receive a fax in PDF format into your mailbox.
BarNet SMS Service Send an SMS message to a mobile phone.

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